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The Mystery of the Rosy Cross

Escape Game in a box outdoors in a garden in Lisbon

An archaeologist unearthed a secret kept for many years: a box full of mysterious inscriptions and symbols with compartments locked by invisible mechanisms. Only the purest of spirits have what it takes to discover what this box hides. Will you be able to?

Discover the hidden mysteries in this box with symbolism of a Masonic order: the Order of the Rose-Cross

Escape box with Freemasonry symbols, garden in the background

A renowned historian and archaeologist recently unveiled an enigmatic artifact: a mysterious box adorned with symbols linked to the Order of the Rose-Cross. 
However, since the news of the discovery spread, the archaeologist has been the target of mysterious threats, indicating that there are others who wish to possess the box and its secrets. It seems that there is something of invaluable worth hidden inside it, but what could it be?
Determined to unravel the puzzles buried by the Order of the Rose-Cross, the archaeologist is looking for a team of brave and cunning experts to help her. Will you come to unravel the mystery?

2 to 6








Useful information about "The Mystery of the Rose-Cross"

  • Available Languages

    - Portuguese - English

  • Larger teams

    "The Mystery of Rose Cross" is an escape room in a box, a box that contains various puzzles and mysteries. Due to its dimensions, it is only available for groups of up to 6 people. If you have a larger group, contact us so we can present the best solution for your team.

  • Minimum age

    We accept children over the age of 12. Minors must be accompanied by AT LEAST ONE ADULT. If this is not the case, we cannot proceed with the activity.

  • Preço

    The price is €50 per team regardless of the number of players up to a maximum of 6 players. Gather your friends and family.

Location of the activity

This outdoor activity is static and takes place entirely in the Príncipe Real Garden, in Lisbon.

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What players say about "The Mystery of the Rose-Cross":

Elisa Rosa
Elisa Rosa
Muito giro e agradável!
Un grand merci à The Timeless Team pour cette superbe expérience qui nous a permis de visiter Lisbonne tout en s’amusant. Merci aussi pour votre flexibilité. Nous recommandons chaudement ! 🤩.
Karina Garcia
Karina Garcia
It was sooo fun! We live in Lisbon and this was great to get to know the city even more!
Mariapaz. godoy
Mariapaz. godoy
It was a very fun time..
Masi Kriegs
Masi Kriegs
Very fun experience, and a great way to get to know some parts of the city!
Kathrin Keil
Kathrin Keil
Timeless Lisbon's escape room, "The Collector," was super fun! We jumped right into the detective action, exploring the city's cool spots along the way. The game was exciting, and they gave us great help from afar. It wasn't too hard, but it still made us think. We totally recommend it for a good time! Obrigado!!