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The Collector

Outdoor Escape Game through the streets of Lisbon

In this immersive adventure through the historic area of Lisbon, your team will be responsible for solving the most recent theft by the Collector: a masterpiece of Portuguese literature. Only the most astute can overcome the puzzles set by the cunning thief. Is your team up to the task?

Solve the last theft by the "Collector": the original of The Lusiads


The original manuscript of The Lusiads has been stolen. The book was on display in a high-security museum. SAFEGUARD (the police force handling the case) has strong evidence that the person responsible for this theft is the Collector, a very sophisticated art thief responsible for several thefts in our country. 

The police have received several anonymous tips about the whereabouts of the book, but all lead to a dead end. Therefore, this force is currently recruiting a team of specialists to assist in the mission to recover the manuscript. Applications are accepted.

2 to 18


In Movement






Useful information about "The Collector"

  • Available Languages

    - Portuguese - English - Spanish* - French* (For Spanish and French, the introduction is only available in English)

  • Larger teams

    Groups with more than 6 members will be divided into teams of up to 6 players who will be playing the same game simultaneously, in competition mode

  • Minimum age

    We accept children over the age of 12. Minors must be accompanied by AT LEAST ONE ADULT per team. If this is not the case, we cannot proceed with the activity.

  • Price per person

    Up to 2 players: €16.99; 3 to 4 players: €13.99; 5 to 6 players: €11.99; 7 or more players: €9.99

Meeting Point

Miradouro de S. Pedro de Alcântara, Lisbon. In front of the statue of Eduardo Coelho.

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What players say about "The Collector":

Elisa Rosa
Elisa Rosa
Muito giro e agradável!
Un grand merci à The Timeless Team pour cette superbe expérience qui nous a permis de visiter Lisbonne tout en s’amusant. Merci aussi pour votre flexibilité. Nous recommandons chaudement ! 🤩.
Karina Garcia
Karina Garcia
It was sooo fun! We live in Lisbon and this was great to get to know the city even more!
Mariapaz. godoy
Mariapaz. godoy
It was a very fun time..
Masi Kriegs
Masi Kriegs
Very fun experience, and a great way to get to know some parts of the city!
Kathrin Keil
Kathrin Keil
Timeless Lisbon's escape room, "The Collector," was super fun! We jumped right into the detective action, exploring the city's cool spots along the way. The game was exciting, and they gave us great help from afar. It wasn't too hard, but it still made us think. We totally recommend it for a good time! Obrigado!!